Towers of Hanoi

Dec 1, 2022

Towers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi

Developer’s Description

This is not an interactive game for you to play but rather a demonstration of how to solve this classic puzzle. The time estimate is very rough and only intended to give you an idea of how many years it might take for a computer to solve various numbers of disks. As I remember the story, monks were to move 64 disks from the start peg to the destination peg by moving only one disk at a time and never placing a larger disk on top of a smaller disk. When they completed the task, the world was supposed to come to an end. With this program using a 1.6 gigahertz processor I could finish the puzzle in about 50 million years. Less time for the world, but chances are my power supply would burn up before then.

Full Specifications


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