Sweet Revenge

Dec 1, 2022

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

Developer’s Description

A battle has come to Brisbane. A battle for Justice, a battle for Hopes, a battle for Dreams… And more importantly, a battle for Revenge!Sweet Revenge is a video game created by a team of Game Creation Students from Queensland University of Technology, in Australia. The game itself tells the tale of Candy rising up and taking revenge on the Humans who ate them for pleasure, and the Salad who laughed at them for not being nutritionally perfect.If that doesn’t sound awesome, did I mention that the game is played on Gigantic Touch-screen / Projector Wall Interface! No? I didn’t mention this… Well yes, the game is played on a piece of technology called the Cube, which is essentially a wall of Touch-screens that are linked to a large projector. Players play the game on the Touch-screens, while the projector displays the results of their efforts to the players and viewers.Sweet Revenge is a game that is being created as a final year project of a Video Game Creation university degree in Brisbane, Australia. It tells the story of a crack team of Candy warriors who assault the city of Brisbane in an effort to get revenge for all the Candy that Humans have eaten over the years. The game itself is being created on a large Multi-Touch Public Display. What I mean when I say this is imagine four large touchscreens at head height, that are all linked to each other. These screens allow four players to play the same game simultaneously while affecting a large projector display for the audience to spectate.Players control a Marshmallow character each as they wander through the streets of Brisbane. They work together to transform the city into a candy paradise by “throwing” candy powers at buildings. After a certain number of buildings have been transformed within a section of the city, the entire section will transform in a marvellous display of delicious power. Players continue to transform the city until all regions have been captured. Events do happen throughout the game, however you will have to give it a play to see them for yourself.

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