Search Excel Book

Nov 4, 2022

Search Excel Book

Search Excel Book
Search Excel Book is a program for finding the text in Excel books under the folder that you select. The finding target is the file name (book name) , sheet name, cell formula , cell comment and autoshape. Note. But the sheet name and autoshape in chart sheets does not found. The excel book name must end by “. xls”. If you use Mac , please pay attention. If you use Excel 2003 (Windows Edition), there is a limitation. If autoshapes are grouped , those are not found. Showing the result (The result is saved in excel book). Showing the result place. Showing the progress in the finding and cancel.


What does install from ISO mean?

--An ISO installation file is a collection of individual files and folders on an installation DVD combined into a single file.

How do I work an ISO file?

--You can open the ISO file using File Explorer or Windows Explorer in the pop-up menu. Next, select the disc image burn command. The Windows Disc Image Burner tool should appear and point to your CD/DVD drive. Click the Burn button to continue.

How install from ISO file in Windows?

--Right-click the ISO image file and select Mount from the menu. It will open the file like a DVD. Next, you'll see an entry for your drive letter in Windows Explorer. Browse to the location of the setup file and double-click it to begin your installation.

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