Taking a screenshot on Android devices has become a useful feature to save anything that has sprawled up on display. The users use it to keep important information without using any external app or tool. It has become a necessary part of smartphones. To make the feature more user-friendly and productive, few manufacturers have improved it by adding scrolling and editing options to the tool.


The scrolling screenshot can capture the whole webpage by automatically scrolling down to the bottom. The user can also limit the screenshot scroll by interfering through a tap. However, the scrolling screenshot is not available on all the devices, and only a few manufacturers inherit it in their respective smartphones. Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei offers native Scroll Capture tool, but on any other Android device, the user has to resist to third-party screenshot apps.

There are several apps in teh Play Store that can capture scrolling screenshots. We have concluded a list of some best apps to take scrolling screenshots. Here are some apps that let you take screenshots more effectively and accurately.

Best Apps to take scrolling screenshots



The app supports auto-scroll for the Android 7.0+ and later version. It auto-captures screenshots after scrolling. The extensive support for floating buttons eases the process to take multiple screenshots. The inbuilt manual stitching tools helps to accurately stitch the long image.

It’s free and there won’t be any watermarks, but you will get in0app advertisements.

Download (Free)



It is another long screenshot taking app with a better rating than the LongShot. It easily stitches multiple screenshots for a long one. The StitchCraft app take screenshots as usual and will together automatically. Additionally, the user can later select different images to stitch manually.

It flawlessly works with fixed background images. It is said to capture screenshots easily and rapidly. The app offers an elegant and easy-to-use user interface. The screenshots can be easily shared with friends.

The app is free to use but also carries some in-app advertisements. There’s also an ad-free Pro version for (Premium)

Screen Master


It is a free and easy-to-use tool to take a screenshot and longshot. It also has an inbuilt markup tool for editing and adding emojis. The Screen Master tool provides various smart features to take a screenshot. It offers to take a screenshot by shaking the device or by tapping the floating button.

The app does not require any root access. It offers high-quality and lossless screenshots in PNG format. The scrolling screenshot automatically captures the whole webpage. It allows user to save the screenshot to external SD card.

In Photo markup, the Screen Master offers Crop and rotate the image, Spotlight key info, Blur image, Magnify image, ability to add text, emoji and custom background. The inbuilt photo markup not only supports screenshots, but the user can import different photos from the gallery.

It is available for free but offers in-app purchases and advertisements.

Download (free)

Web Scroll Capture

As the name specifies, the app supports long screenshots for web pages only. It doesn’t support capture in Facebook, Twitter feed or any other third party app. The user can open anything in the browser to capture it as an image or save it as a PDF.

It even offers to save pages offline for reading the latest articles of your favourite restaurant. It is a perfect companion to keep any food recipes or any article, blog to save it