Gary’s Apartment Putting Game

Gary's Apartment Putting Game

Editors’ Review

This free, Flash-based golf game is a nice way to kill a few spare moments, though its simplicity means it may not engross many users for lengthy periods. After downloading Gary’s Apartment Putting Game, you’ll see a cartoon rat clad in golf clothes standing in front of a miniature indoor green. Each level has five holes, and you must hit at least three with your allotted amount of balls to advance. Controlling your putt is a matter of a few simple mouse clicks, but since you can only determine the speed of the ball, the skill required is minimal, which detracts from the game’s challenge. On the plus side, the cartoon graphics aren’t bad, especially when you resize the program to a full-screen view. The ability to toggle the crowd noise on and off also is a nice touch. This game is by no means essential, but office workers looking to take a quick break from the grind might find it worth having.

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Developer’s Description

Tee it up with Gary the Rat, and putt your money where your mouth is. Gary’s Apartment Putting Game seems simple at first: all you have to do is hold down the mouse key to send the ball on its way–but can you master it?

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