Cent Browser

Nov 4, 2022

Cent Browser

Cent Browser
Cent Browser is a free web browser based on Chromium.It bundles a lot of handy features, which can make your web surfing more comfortable. And we are continuing adding new features to our browser. At present the main features of Cent Browser include:Lots of Tab OptionsThese options are useful when you wish your browser to be more flexible and efficient.Scrollbale Tab BarIf you like Firefox tab bar, you may also like this one. This is a feature most wanted by people always keeping many tabs open. There are options to set minimum tab width, invisible tabs can be listed by clicking indicator buttons at the ends of the tab bar.Incognito TabNow you can open an incognito tab in a normal browser window. Loading web pages(for the first time) within an incognito tab is faster than normal tab, because it does not write hard disk, all data is cached in RAM.When all incognito tabs closed, the memory of the web pages is released instantly, nothing is left on the hard disk, you even don’t need to do a clear task.Single Renderer ProcessThis feature is aimed at reducing memory consumption of Chromium.It can reduce up to 50% of memory usage, especially when you have many tabs open.The more tabs you opened, the more memory it can reduce.Mouse GestureBuilt-in mouse gesture allow you to customize color, width, threshold of gesture trace and redefine action of each gesture.Lazy Session LoadingIf you have a lot of tabs to restore at startup, now only the active one will be actually load.Others will wait for your activation.This feature is extremely useful for tab hoggers.Auto Memory OptimizationMove background tabs off RAM.Significantly reduce RAM consumption.Of course, there are many small features not listed. We are carefully picking out new features adding to our browser.Each feature should be practical to our users.The browser’s main UI will be always kept as elegant as Google Chrome.


Upgraded to Chromium 43.0.2357.134
Added context menu to restore button
Added an option for opening bookmark link
Disable location bar auto suggestion by option
Improved auto memory optimization
Automatically load IDM extension
Portable version refactored(self-extractor and auto upgrade)

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