• As the name implies, Batch File Replace is an easy-to-use software application that allows the simultaneous renaming of multiple files. It manages to accomplish this through the built-in hex editor allows for easy entry of binary data to search & replace bytes.

    Using the hex editor you can perform multiple replacements easily by entering plain-text or RegEx-based search-replace pairs via manual input or importing them from external files.

    Batch File Replace lets you set how many of your CPU cores are used for processing, allowing thousands of files to be renamed when the number of cores is high enough. More so, you  don’t have to sit in front of your screen while the process is under way, since the task can also be scheduled, triggered by certain events, while also being accessible in console mode or from the Windows Explorer menu.

    You don’t lose tracks of your file’s past names, since you have access to different processing logs which are available in both user interface and log files. Besides renaming, Batch File Replace can also be used for file search using regular expressions and will enable you to use wildcards for search and replace operations.